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24 Mar

If you’re a true South African, you will know what a Potjie is (and you might even know how to spell it!). If you’re not South African, you will have a blank look on your face 🙂

A Potjie is a traditional south african dish – in fact, it is traditionally afrikaans! if you wiki (wikipedia) “Potjie’, this is what it says as historical facts: Potjiekos originated with the Voortrekkers, evolving as a stew made of venison and vegetables, cooked in the Potjie. As trekkers shot wild game, it was added to the pot. Each day when the wagons stopped, the pot was placed over a fire to simmer. New bones replaced old and fresh meat replaced meat eaten.

Today there are loads of recipe books and potjiekos chefs. They all have their ‘secret’ ingredients or secret recipe passed on from old generations to new generations. Every year, there are potjiekos competitions held. In one word, Afrikaans people take their potjie very seriously!!

Not my husband though! Phillip has never done a potjie (shocked face!) but Etienne – one of the guys in our bible study group – has, many times!

On sunday we had our annual Young Adults Potjie event and for the second time, it attracted quite a nice crowd! The food was delicious, the company even better…. we had a great time!! Kids enjoyed the outdoor and adults enjoyed chatting away amid flavours of potjiekos simmering.

This is a BIG pot. These guys are big so you can’t see clearly how big the pot is but I could cook one of my kids in that pot!! Not that I would of course…


Etienne is the guy on the right with the cap and the apron 🙂 Same apron as last year!

The good news for us, as a Bible Study group is that this Wednesday, we have our own private function with Etienne as our chef!! Not to make anyone jealous, but we also have Kirstin – the chef in making – who will bake another one of her delicious AND beautiful cake!!!

Oh and it’s tonight!!!… Yum, tummy rambling!! 🙂

Les tomates farcies

6 Sep

A new blog-friend tagged me in a recipe chain, yes, me.

Me, the french person who doesn’t drink wine, doesn’t eat much garlic and can’t cope with the smell of (strong) cheese – those are the distressing things for my husband. The other things are less serious, he claims 🙂

When we got married, we often had toasted sandwiches for lunch and cereals for dinner. Clearly, cooking was not at the top of his priority list in qualities of a wife, thank goodness! Can I say at this point, before the committee of what-should-the-Christian-wife-look-like comes knocking on my door, we did change our eating habits since having children!

Since one can’t upset a fresh relationship, Ali, today I’ll share the recipe for Les tomates farcies

You might wonder which ingredient I kept from your recipe, I kept the oil and the rice – but it’s optional 😉 I hope it will do!

Tomates Farcies-.jpg

The ingredients for 4 people:

*4 big and ripe tomatoes

*100 g of mince

*30g of grated emmental (mozzarella will do)

*1 egg

* onions

*olive oil

*salt and pepper

* bread crumbs

*provencal herbs (or any other)

*a handful of rice – optional, if you want your meal to be even more filling

The preparation:

– Cut the tomatoes open, reserving the top part as a little hat. Empty each tomatoes and set the inside aside in a big bowl.

– In a saucepan with a little bit of olive oil, fry the onions and the mince. Season as you like.

– Add to the big bowl the mince preparation, the egg, the emmental and the herbs. Stir until you get a homogeneous blend.

– With a tablespoon, fill the empty tomatoes with the mix.

– Sprinkle bread crumbs on the top and put the hats back on the tomatoes. Sit the tomatoes in a oven dish.

– Bake in the oven for 40 minutes. If the mince is already baked, reduce the time to 15-20 minutes.

Voila, Bon Appétit!!

Now there are but a few rules to this recipe chain. I post a recipe and tag four people. They choose one ingredient from my recipe and post a recipe using this ingredient on their blog, linking back to the previous blog that posted a recipe. They then tag four new people and we will see how it grows.

To keep it exciting, please post within a week of receiving the tag.

I’m tagging Debbie and Debbie, Di and Alison.

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