About church

As christians, Phillip and I are devoted to serve the Lord in every way we can. Both of us lived our life our own way until we were 25, when we realised, by God’s grace, that living life under God’s way was the Only Way! We both became christians at St James, after hearing the gospel. Our main area of service has been since then within our local church, St James, Kenilworth, Cape Town.

At present, we’re involved with the Quarter Life ministry. As the name suggests, we minister to people around 25. The name Quarter Life actually refers to what many young people go through at that stage in their life: an identity crisis!

Freshly out of their parents’ home, finishing their studies, starting a new job or on the road to marriage is a life, although exciting, at times disappointing. The word of the Lord is faithful and true and applies to everyone.

If you want to know more about Quarter Life, you can contact us. Find us on the St James website.

It is a growing church where areas of service are many. If you are interested in knowing more about St James, the easiest way is to go to the website. What makes this church great? The fact that the Gospel of grace, forgiveness and eternal life is preached week in and week out by some of the best teachers around. Judge by yourself and click in!!

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